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IndieCade Festival 2014 – Photo Gallery

IndieCade Festival 2014 – Photo Gallery

From October 9th through 12th the international festival for independent games, IndieCade, took over Culver City to celebrate independent games and game creators. From student games to veteran developers and from Oculus Rift to WiiU, games of every kind were sprawled across the streets. There was no emphasis on any particular system, and games included a wide variety of interactive installations, console, virtual reality, and tabletop games, ranging from simple mechanics to complex strategies. Some were made for casual play while some just for the immersive experience.
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Interesting Costume Ideas for this Halloween

Interesting Costume Ideas for this Halloween Halloween is just around the corner and as we all know this is the time of year where we all get to get out and dress up for the occasion. Last year, I researched on the internet and picked a few costumes that I thought were amazing. So, this [...]

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Saints Row Gat Outta Hell

Saints Row Gat Outta Hell Saints Row Gat Outta Hell is a stand alone title, that seems to take the Saints Universe to a whole new level. This time around you get to play as “THE” Johnny Gat, as he faces the forces of evil that threaten to take over the world. As you seen [...]

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Video Game Ghost Stories

 Video Game Ghost Stories Even in video games you find strange ghost stories that are pretty much can’t be explained. Strange characters that even programmers can not justify for their existence. There have been stories from the pixilated block worlds of Minecraft and even the companion based strategy game Pokemon. A lot of these stories [...]

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Music Monday! – Keygen Chiptunes

Music Monday! – Keygen Chiptunes You know those songs that are played in the background of key generators, cracks, ect? They’re usually original chiptunes made just for that keygen and, most of the time, these tracks go overlooked. Lucky for us, there are sites out there that collect these songs and store them in one [...]