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Upcoming Marvel Movies Update

Upcoming Marvel Movies Update After my last Marvel movie article, I had promised that I would update the article with more information when it was released. Well, because of the amount of information, I guess  I am going to just have to give it it’s own article. Unless you readers don’t want a break down […]

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Indie Horror Games Are Amazing

Indie Horror Games Are Amazing I have played probably a million games since my birth, but so far, some of the scariest games come from the Indie horror games scene. Games like Daylight and Slender: The Eight Pages are only a few of the titles available within the gaming world that seem to out do […]

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Painted Pokemon Cards, One Redditor’s Response

Painted Pokémon Cards, One Redditor’s Response I’m sure that every fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game has seen the hand painted Pokemon cards by now. If not, you’re seriously missing out and you should check these out: These upgrades extend the background of each Pokémon card to give the Pocket Monsters a full-fledged environment. And they’re ridiculously freaking […]

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4k Television, Is It Worth It?

4k Television, Is It Worth It? 4k Television’s have been released to surpass the quality levels of 1080. But the real question is, is this television really worth the purchase. As a gamer who spent a good portion of his teen years playing on a low definition projection monitor (though it was big), I understand […]

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Comics Are Everywhere! – Pop-Culture Documentary Directed by Neil Kendricks

Comics Are Everywhere! – Pop-Culture Documentary Directed by Neil Kendricks Ever wonder what happens at the intersection where comics merge with animation and the art industries? Neil Kendricks, San Diego-based Director of the documentary Comics Are Everywhere!, explores this crossroad first hand. Comics and multimedia aren’t just hobbies for him, they’re his life. As a […]