Today I got a 90-day badge on TryHackMe! It doesn’t feel like 90 days have passed since I started there. It feels more like a few weeks. I’ve been working on the “Complete Beginner” learning path. I’ve completed a lot of rooms and I’m really enjoying the course so far.

90 Day TryHackMe Learning Streak Badge

Hack The Box is another site where I’ve been doing course work. I currently have a 12-week continuous learning streak there. I’ve completed the “Starting Point” module and I’m currently about 16% through the “Penetration Tester” learning path.

My goal is to complete the Penetration Tester learning path on Hack The Box and then take the Certified Penetration Testing Specialist (CPTS) exam. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get there, but I’m enjoying the journey so far.

Software sucks (I would know) and it’s a lot of fun breaking it!