• Box Instability

    The most annoying part of penetration testing so far is the training box instability. For example on Hack The Box Academy, I’ll be working on a box and then it will go down and stop responding, for no apparent reason. It’s not just an occasional thing, it happens all the time. I’ve tried re-downloading my VPN config file and I’ve tried avoiding different times of day, etc., but nothing seem to make a difference.

  • Why Use Strong Passwords?

    During my penetration testing studies I’ve come to realize the need for strong passwords is now more important than ever. I only realized recently just how easy it is to crack a weak password.

  • Courses in Progress

    Today I got a 90-day badge on TryHackMe! It doesn’t feel like 90 days have passed since I started there. It feels more like a few weeks. I’ve been working on the “Complete Beginner” learning path. I’ve completed a lot of rooms and I’m really enjoying the course so far.

  • Welcome to eugor.com!

    First post! So what’s a secure way to blog about cybersecurity and pen-testing? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m figuring it out. I think a good start is to use a static site generator instead of something like Wordpress. I’m using Jekyll, which is a Ruby-based static site generator. It has had a couple of CVEs, but overall, being a static site generator, it’s just not that exploitable. I’m still not sure if this is the best setup, but it’s a good start for now. I’m continuing to tweak things as I go.